I’ve been a songwriter for many years and it brings more creative solace to me than any other passion.  I traveled across the country in in 2003 from my home in upstate NY to San Diego.  After being in the sunny graces of San Diego for so long, I was hooked, and after a year or so formed “The Donnis Trio”.  That band matured gracefully and has received over 35 million plays on Pandora Radio and over 4 million plays on Spotify.     In recent years I also formed another project Rodello’s Machine with my friend/co musician Kolby Knickerbocker.  Kolby had a fresh perspective and great creative ideas, and together we have released 3 albums of music and our music has been placed in mulitiple TV shows and commercials including VRBO and SKINS.    

To simplify things I've brought all my music onto one page so that I don't have to update and maintain multiple accounts:)  You can find all news ,shows, and music from my projects here.  


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